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"Be the person in the mirror that you have always dreamed of being"
– Troy Rackley

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Wellness Evolutions assist clients in the specific areas of fitness, nutrition, weight, stress management, and general health.  Wellness coaches help bridge the gap between where they are today and what their wellness vision is with a combination of coaching skills and expertise.  Most people know what they need to do, they just don’t do it consistently and that is where Wellness Evolutions can help.  Wellness coaches assist the clients with their agenda through privacy, accountability, “smart” goals, and resources as needed as long as they need the guidance.  Wellness programming can be accomplished on an individual basis, face to face or over the phone as well as group educational “lunch and learn” classes.  Wellness Evolutions has a vision to assist those who are ready to make intentional health behavior changes to start reaching their long-term goals.  We want to help clients with realistic practical coaching to increase energy, productivity and manage stress.  Our focus is to help them increase their longevity and decrease risk for disease while impacting what their true passions are in a positive way.  For more information go to www.wellness-evolutions.com or contact us at cerackley@wellness-evolutions.com.

The "Limitless You … It Can Be Done!" training program was developed by Troy Rackley, Master Coach.  Through his life-long passion and successes in helping others identify their joy and purpose, Troy identified the gap in people's personal and business lives and how to bridge it.  This training program has been designed with the intention to add value to both corporations and communities alike.  The foundation for "The Limitless You … It Can Be Done" is based on five different areas which are personal growth, nothing is impossible, progress not perfection, using your strengths and talents to achieve your goals, and finding your passion.  These areas are presented by a dynamic group of individuals who will speak from experience both personally and professionally.  For more information or just to check out our website at info@limitlessu.com.





Coach Effect is a premier leadership and organizational effectiveness firm dedicated to making a sustainable positive impact in each and every workplace we touch. We support organizations in creating ecstatic customers and elevating profits by focusing on the behaviors and actions of leaders and employees. We do this through executive coaching, employee engagement consulting, and organizational development. www.coacheffect.com

Certified Minority Business Enterprise.