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Getting Organized - January

How Organized Are You? - February
The Wrong Direction - March

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>  Plan B or C - May

> Make that Change - June

> Stretching Yourself - July

> Breaking through the Plateau- August

> Living the life you want - September

> Final Quarter - October

> Passport - November

> Time for a Change - December

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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
– Confucius
Imagine having your own private executive coach dedicated solely to you and your success. Someone who will help you...
› work more effectively with difficult people
› get – and stay on top of – mounting responsibilities
› focus on critical priorities and professional goals
› identify your strengths and potential vulnerabilities
› make desired behavioral change
› manage stress and work through conflict
› move toward work/life balance
› make tough decisions with greater confidence
› produce deeper learning
› generate a greater awareness of your own needs and your own personal power
› navigate through the office politics and the tough spots in your career
› work with greater reflection and deliberation of all the options
› generate solutions uniquely tailored to your needs, your situation, experience,
dreams and goals

Coaching is a private, personalized, one-to-one service customized for each individual. Our goal is to help our clients discover and leverage their strengths, recognize obstacles to success, and identify a manageable course of action to help them maximize success on their own terms.

consulting and private coaching services

Change Management
We define change management as “the people side of project management”. We work with organizations to help them integrate the change management steps and the activities with the project activities in order to ensure success of the projects implementation. This involves coaching the sponsor of the project to ensure that affected employees have the following, an Awareness of why the change is happening, the Desire to support and participate in the change, the Knowledge on how to change, the Ability to implement new skills and behaviors, and the Reinforcement to sustain the change. We will help you develop your change management strategy to ensure alignment with your project plan.

Business Coaching
for corporate executives and managers, public sector-executives (including city managers and county executives), health care executives, and administrators in higher education. We focus on fast-trackers and high-performing leaders who often need a fresh, experienced, objective sounding board to discuss challenges, opportunities, and how they can take more thoughtful, deliberate action. We also focus on helping change personal and professional skills to ultimately drive long-term success. Other areas of focus are an individual’s strengths and liabilities, developing strategic thinking skills, and building organizational culture through living the corporate values. Our coaching allows executives, managers and leaders to take a brief respite and step away from the day-to-day hectic pace and effectively strategize on how they can reach beyond where they are currently.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching
for individuals and teams to obtain a more detailed insight of themselves and their interpersonal relations with others. Recent studies suggest that EQ (emotional intelligence) is more important to an executive's success than IQ or cognitive intelligence. Emotional intelligence coaching is designed for individuals who want to gain a greater awareness of themselves and others, and use that awareness to manage themselves and their relationships with others more effectively. We focus on communication skills, self-awareness, interpersonal skills, leadership and management skills, teamwork and collaboration, influencing skills, and the skills associated with developing others. This tailored, one-on-one coaching often involves an emotional intelligence 360 or self-assessment.

Leadership Development and Succession Coaching
designed to maximize the effectiveness of key talent. With a focus specifically on current and emerging leaders, this coaching program identifies and develops leadership competencies and behaviors necessary to drive success throughout the organization. We are now using the CPI 260 leadership assessment tool for leaders.  This assessement uses two reports.  The first report is the client feedback report. The Client Feedback Report is an excellent tool for leadership development, one-on-one and group coaching, and talent selection. It is based on gender-neutral norms to keep pace with todays workforce.  Download the sample report by clicking Client Feedback Report

The other report from the CPI 260 assessment tool is the coaching report for leaders. The highly intuitive CPI 260® Coaching Report For Leadersempowers leaders to identify their strengths and blind spots, enabling them to capitalize on their strengths, target areas for development, and plan action steps to increase their effectiveness as leaders.  Download sample report at Coaching Report for Leaders

Operations Consulting
designed to help organizations improve in the areas:
Manufacturing/Operational excellence - We take waste out of your operations
Resource Conservation - We ensure that you are green as well as efficient in water use, electricity, gas and overall waste.
Organizational Design - We help you design a structure that fits your vision for the future
Supply chain optimization - We help optimize your supply chain to the ultimate levels of efficiency, quality and cost.
Business Transformations - If your business needs a turn around to go to another level… thats what we do.
Sanitation Excellence - Our proven systems will help you reduced your chemical usage and our practices will have your sanitation processes more efficient so that you don’t have to lose excessive production time for lengthy sanitations.

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