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"People prefer to stay with problems they understand rather than look for solutions they're uncomfortable with."
– Unknown

"Your dreams contain the power to transform mediocrity into magnificence."
– Dawn Stankowski

" If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else"
- Booker T. Washington


Troy Rackley is the true definition of a coach.  He is tough, but nurturing.  He is direct, but kind.  He is driven, but not obsessed.  He is demanding, but not overbearing.  He is committed to helping others achieve their goals and desires. 


This has been my personal experience having Troy Rackley as a Life Coach.  Having worked with a coach before, I was a little skeptical about giving it another try.  But, to my pleasant surprise it has been a wonderful experience.  Troy is always positive and uplifting, always available to me and the confidence that he exudes and imparts to me has made a huge impact on the way that I see myself and my future. 


The best part about working with Troy is that he is fun, genuine and truly cares about helping me make the necessary changes in my life to be the successful woman that I am meant to be.   


-Margo Sokol,  Entertainment Now & Bridal and Beyond



As a child I can remember lacking self-confidence and being painfully shy. Since then and throughout my life I have missed out on countless opportunities due to my low self-esteem. Now at 33, my life has changed forever and I haven’t looked back.

I began my personal development coaching with Troy Rackley in February 2000 at a time when my self-esteem was at an all time low. I recall thinking to myself that I was going to be a tough client, a bit of a challenge. Troy seemed undeterred and assured me that I too would be successful in becoming the person that I had always wanted to be as long as I stayed committed and didn’t give up.

Through his coaching I was taken on a journey of self-awareness. I began to realize that without understanding yourself, it is impossible to understand others. The coaching for me, intensive, challenging and often uncomfortable as I was confronted with characteristics of myself that I was unaware of and that I disliked. At the same time, this was one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and important chapters in my life so far.

Just as a personal fitness trainer can help strengthen and tone your body, personal development coaching will enable you to condition your mind with positives raher than negatives and tap into your inner self to discover the powers within. When you believe in yourself and your goals, it is possible to achieve everything you set your mind to.

With Troy’s constant encouragement and support, his enduring dedication and wonderful endless words of wisdom, I have become a happier, more confident person. I am no longer afraid to take on new challenges and seek out new opportunities. This has indeed been a life changing experience for me and I thoroughly recommend Troy Rackley and his personal development coaching to you.

– Anne-Marie Trims, Office Manager


Why hire Troy as a Coach?? Because he is that exceptional blend of smart, funny and compassionate person that keeps you moving forward and feeling supported all the way. He seems to always know what the right questions are to ask and is a great listener. What can Troy help you accomplish? As much as you are ready to handle. With Troy as my coach, I made the career changes that I really wanted and needed to make. He is a great leader and visionary thinker which keep the coaching sessions moving fast and you moving forward.

I have found Troy's coaching sessions to be invaluable. Troy is extremely helpful as a sounding board; helping me work though tough problems I face within the office, and in building and maintaining important client relationships. He is also quite comfortable offering constructive criticism and helping me identify and discard bad ideas.

– Anthony Palmer, Production Manager, Penford Products

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In 2003 I choose to change jobs for what I thought would be a better future for my family. However, I found myself working in a very poor environment with absolutely no support. I have always been an individual with low self confidence so by the end of 2003 the environment had me really doubting my abilities and skills. I was finding it harder and harder to cope with the day to day turmoil in that environment, but lacked the self confidence to take charge of my life and make the needed changes. I continued to let the environment take control of me. I had become a person with some major character flaws, lacking patience and composure, just to name a few.

At this time I was an indirect report of Troy. He began coaching me pointing out my lack of patience and composure at work. He spent sometime with me working on techniques to overcome my short comings. As I began to exercise these techniques I realized how much I let the environment change me. At that point I realized that I was not the person I wanted to be. Troy continued to reach out and help me.

Not only has he helped me become more patient and composed, but he has also helped to give me the self confidence that I have never had before. I know that this confidence shows in my personal as well as my professional life. Without this self confidence I don’t think I would have been able to handle the challenges I have been faced with in the last couple of months. Troy has helped me take charge of my life. I realize that I still have some flaws I need to work on, but I know have the skills and self confidence to make the changes I need to make.

– Michelle Scheid, Safety Manager, Archer Daniels Midland

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When you asked me to put into words my thoughts on your coaching, I thought that it would simple. However, as I considered the question I perhaps was not so certain I would do you justice.

The complexity of the request is evident in the unique qualities you posses to other leaders, as you have this innate ability to draw the best in people through your posture, behavior, and dialogue. Your passion for people and there development stands alone to any other leader/coach, however this does not mean that perspective of each case is lost. You manage each situation, as it is required with appropriate behavior and meticulous dialogue to ensure that there is clarity in the message or required outcome.

Over my career I had considered some of the leaders/coaches I had in the past had been quality, until I worked with you. Your demeanor allows the people that work with you to draw from your motivation and passion or rather you lead us to understand the skill required to become a better leader within ourselves.

Your ability to lead people combined with astute business acumen makes for a dynamic leader/coach, which is balanced and motivating.

One of your obvious strengths is that you guide your people to a decision that they are accountable for and truly own.

I was able to learn so much from you and the art of being a leader and not just a manager, this along with your friendly nature made my coaching experience with you knowledgeable and enjoyable.

– Kerry Tonta, Senior State Operations Manager

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Success in business depends upon an executives ability to manage and develop people. The key, to any successful company is its employees. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable and productive work force. This is Troy Rackley’s passion! Troy has high energy, much focused, competitive, and possesses the most essential attribute, compassion. He is a consummate teacher, offering people influence others by resolving doubts and empowering them to perform to their optimal best, pursing a vision becoming leaders themselves. “Dare to dream.”

I have known Troy for five years; we met when I was at the crossroads in my life. I had given up on the dream! I was a registered Nurse studying to be a clinical psychologist. I was on this path when I met my husband, Graeme and put my career on hold to have my family. Troy showed me that, although I had been out of work force for fifteen years I had life experience and this made me multifaceted. I was ready for a change at the time, but didn’t realize it. With Troy’s coaching we went about developing a foundation to go in a direction with my life.

We all have solutions to our problems; we just have to have the confidence in our ability in solving them. Beginning each day with a clear understanding of the direction and destination. I had an insatiable appetite for information and knowledge. Troy taught me how to internalize information so it will create the results that I want in my life. It’s all about learning and understanding the things that make the difference, doing them over and over again.

I share troy’s passion for people and their development to be and perform to their optimal best. Being a perfectionist, it’s hard to have fear as an ally. Troy taught me to think beyond the fear. Fear of failure, brings fear of taking risks and you’re never going to get what you want out of life without taking some risks. Everything worthwhile carries the risk of failure. Dream big but take lots of small steps.

I believe Troy’s executive coaching is of world standard. He understands the corporate environment, not just as a coach, sets expectations, objectives, and desired outcomes. He fosters continual learning, incessant creativity, and perpetual growth. Troy has given me the mind set that I can and will make a difference in the world! I now have the incentive to pursue study for a graduate certificate in management competence.

Troy is no pussycat he takes no excuses. “Excuses are tools of the incompetent; used to build monuments of nothingness, those who use them are seldom good for anything else. ”This quote will ring in my ears forever more. Troy taught me that in the area of globalization ‘danger in comfort zone has been replaced by need to find comfort in endless danger.’ The world has changed and change is permanent. Work should be an adventure, exhilarating, rejuvenating and stimulating.

My ultimate goal is to become a coach on Troy’s team, and with his continued guidance I will achieve this! I highly recommend Troy’s coaching and would be pleased to talk to anyone about his program.

– Anne O’Brien, Supply worker/Nurse

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Troy Rackley since shortly after his arrival here in Australia. It became immediately obvious to me that he had a real interest in the development of others and Troy’s overwhelming strength was his ability to inspire others to challenge themselves to achieve new and greater goals. This was a refreshing change and from the then current leadership style that I was accustomed to, and one that I felt was far more in touch with a changing world filled with a work-force that is required to “think” not just do, in order to achieve competitive advantage.

I had never been a prolific reader in the past; however, Troy introduced me to literature that was so inspirational that I found myself constantly asking for more. This, along with his seemingly endless words of wisdom, transformed me and brought about a new belief in my own abilities.

Troy is relentless in his pursuits and this is reflected in his personal development coaching style. The guidance, support and personal interest he takes are constantly there for anyone who is willing to continue to learn and challenge themselves to new heights.

Troy’s professional guidance and personal relationship have been a life changing experience for me. He will continue to inspire many more people both personally and professionally.

– Paul Barrass, Plant IT coordinator

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To Those Who Plan to Win:

I left my twenty-two year career in bank operations almost 3 years ago. The last six years I wore the title of “Senior Vice President of Operations/Information Technology”.

About eight months ago I found myself pursuing a new career. I started doing the research and the legwork to create a non-profit international cultural center in the heart of downtown.

My vision is to bring people together to share each other’s knowledge of the world and to experience as much as possible the culture that is part of each other’s lives. My “project” is my passion; I believe that what I’m doing is so much a part of who I am. It’s part of my life’s journey.

However, as with most of life’s journeys, there are challenges, obstacles and even walls that we encounter. Some are real and some are within us. Either way, they have to be addressed.

The whole dynamics of non-profits, their viability, sustainability, and their politics has presented challenges for me. Working with family business (the property for the project is owned by family) and a partner who is a triple ‘A’ personality presents a very different set of challenges.

Most importantly, I have a 13-year-old son who is creative, talented, intelligent, spontaneous, goofy and ADHD. My child is not a challenge. It’s a call for me to be a great mother.

So, here is a woman, a mother, a wife, who has been out of the workforce for almost 3 years, who knew little about the non-profit world, including it’s politics, is married to an overachiever who runs the family business…and she’s an idealist! She wants to change the world, or at least some of it.

When I hired Troy Rackley for executive coaching I was undoubtedly in a whirlwind. I was overwhelmed with tasks, struggling with family and family business matters, and struggling internally with how best to realize my passion.

With any discipline there are guidelines, rules or some type of systematic process that has to occur. Coaching is no different. We clarify our goals and values and align them to actions. We work on staying focused and are required to be accountable. We discuss issues and how to address them. We work to create balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives.

Most people would say they don’t need a coach; that they already do these things. Most people think they’re “pretty good” in all aspects of their lives.

I believe that we all, at some point in our lives, reach a comfort level and a level of contentment. We’re satisfied, fat and happy, whatever our conditions.

I’m not satisfied and “pretty good” isn’t good enough for me. It never has been. I’m not mediocre and I’m certainly not content. I want to make a difference.

The coaching profession, just like any other profession, has its “pretty good” coaches. I want, need and expect a winning coach.

I recommend Troy Rackley because he’s not only a winning coach he’s a player. He lives by his passion, and his successes speak for themselves. He is not content with mediocrity. He’s not the coach that will allow mediocrity. Troy is the coach that assists you in understanding the rules of the game, the players, and yourself. He’s the sounding board when the other players don’t play fair and the tactical advisor when a play needs changed. The challenges, obstacles and walls, real or imagined, become manageable if not overcome.

I plan to win. I am going to see my vision become a reality. I have a winning coach. All the Best to You!

– Nancy Becker, President and CEO, The World, An International Cultural Center

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I am currently a Vice-President at AmerisourceBergen, a Fortune 50 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange as ABC. I manage over $40 billion in spend annually. I had the pleasure of first meeting Troy Rackley at Nestle Beverage Company. Troy was my first boss out of the military. If I can say the United States Military Academy gave me the foundation to excel as a leader, then I can say that Troy gave me the foundation to excel in Corporate America. What we accomplished in one year at Nestle was next to miraculous. We turned the facility on Long Island from one of the worst performing to one of the most efficient. This was accomplished through Troy’s intensive coaching effort of his Production Supervisors. Through the development of Supervisory Skills and Troy’s Change Leadership approach, the Union Members voted to decertify the Union after only one year with Troy at the helm.

If given the opportunity in the future, Troy will be the first person I contact to assist me in leading any Coaching or Change Leadership Initiative.

– Anthony T. Jackson, VP Branded Pharmaceuticals, AmerisourceBergen

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I will study and prepare and perhaps my day shall comeAbraham Lincoln I read that quote everyday for three years of high school and also for the past six years as a teacher and basketball coach at my almater. I can not think of a better quote that personifies Mr. Troy Rackley. Troy is a proven leader, his ability to give guidance, his patience, enthusiasm, caring, wisdom, and inner strength are all adjectives that describe Troys style of coaching. For every problem there is a solution and most of the answers are hidden in with us however, Troy has a special gift in getting people to see the big picture. Having people believe enough in them not to be afraid to grow and to meet lifes obstacles head on is what Troy does better than anyone I have ever met. Troy and I were captains on our high school basketball team that went 26-2 and finished second place in the state of Ohio. I can remember in the Regional Championship with the score tied. Troy was fouled and was sent to the foul line for two shots. We were all nervous because time was running out and the season was on the line, plus Troy was not the best free throw shooter in the world. I still remember right before the referee handed Troy the ball he looked at me and winked and instantly the nervousness disappeared. Well, we went on to win the game and advance to the final four but it was not only Troys ability to seize the moment but how he can get everyone to believe in something larger than themselves that I carry with me today. I have been a high school teacher and basketball coach for the past 16 years. Working in the inner city has been a daunting task to say the least. In todays society we are faced with an alarming number of kids who are from single household families, poverty, gangs, and just the simple mindset that the status quo is ok. We have been very successful on the basketball court as well as off, sending 19 kids to college, a few to Service, and the preparing the rest for the work force, using some of the same methods that Troy has implemented into his Coaching Philosophy. At the end of the 05-06 school year our high school closed its doors forever, due to consolidation, ending a long line of winning traditions and successful stories. It was then that I was faced being 41 years old, married with three children and the possibility of being unemployed. I was feeling down and unsure of which direction to go when I decided to give Troy a call. Troy helped me see the possibilities and to view this situation as a chance to grow as an educator and as a coach. He instilled the confidence in me to look at it as a challenge and as a way to use my talents to help other kids no matter if in Akron, Ohio or in Raleigh, North Carolina. Troy opened my eyes to the positives and negatives of a new career search, relocating factors, financial responsibilities that are affected with big decisions, as well as the options I had in this new chapter of my life. Through our sessions and the time we spent together Troys coaching gave me the same feeling I had 23 years ago, standing at the foul line, the game on the line, 10,000 fans screaming, and Troys wink said it all, Get on my back boys, I will carry you home to victory. I decided to take a job in another state and to face the situation with the same enthusiasm and zest that Troy faces his life with everyday. Thank you Troy!

– Dwight Carter, Dean of Students/Head Basketball Coach

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Troy's coaching has been an anchor through challenge and laser focus point for me. Through his continuous encouragement and engagement, I am able to focus my strengths towards maximum benefit and happiness for me and the people around me. Troy is exactly who everyone who wants to move forward would want in their corner. Troy enables professional and personal achievement.

– Dawn Svenson, Communications and Marketing Manager, Guaranty Bank, Cedar Rapids

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I met Troy on an airplane ride from Denver, Colorado to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was only a 1½ hour flight, but in that short amount of time I felt I had met a very unique and special person. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting Troy, you are missing out on someone who is funny, charismatic, compassionate, self-assured and does not have a negative bone or thought in his body. From my first coaching session with Troy over six months ago, my life has been changed dramatically. After my first session, he asked me to write an overview and in it I wrote, " They see the Michelle who is always confident, always helpful, always smiling, the team player, etc. They don't see the Michelle who has inner fear of failure, the low self-esteem, the one who runs from confrontation." I have now completed 10 sessions with Troy and it has been truly enlightening, valuable and instructive; a tremendous opportunity for self-growth. The past six months have given me a chance to change my behaviors, my thought patterns, and to break through some issues I have had for as long as I can remember. I have learned that I must be willing to accept personal responsibility for the outcomes in my life – in that I may not always live up to what others' expectations are of me, but that it is okay … as long as I am passionate and love what I am doing.

As a coach, Troy gave me the objectivity that a spouse, boss or friend couldn't give. Through him I have found the tools to make my life better. He has helped me to uncover and overcome issues I didn't realize were preventing me from achieving goals. Troy helped me to go deep within myself to find answers to issues, and once I found the answers it seemed the issues disappeared. Since I have been working with Troy, I am better able to identify my needs and get them met in a positive manner. I am enjoying an inner peace and happiness I never thought was possible. I have met my fear of failure head on and have enrolled in a Business Administration Associates Degree program – something I thought I would never do. Troy helps me work through my obstacles, calmly and patiently, offering ideas and approaches until the obstacle becomes a stepping stone to a better place. He has helped me focus on what I want and need in life, eliminating all the hurdles that have held me back from reaching the top. He has helped me look at all the perspectives pertaining to my situation so that when I make a decision I feel confident and secure about what I am doing. Troy is an excellent listener. He asks tough questions that force me to consider what is truly important to me. Troy helped me to realize my dreams; define my values; discover my purpose and my strengths; develop a "road map" for my future.

All I can say is that working with Troy has changed my life. He saw potential in me when I could not see it myself. His coaching goes way beyond simple life/career coaching and really can make a tremendous difference in all areas of your life. When I started with Troy I was going through a difficult time in my life and needed to heal my past and develop new plans for my future. Working with him has empowered me to remove self-imposed limitations, take on life with a renewed sense of confidence, and fulfill the potential that was hiding deep inside me. Now instead of dissatisfaction and confusion, I experience self-confidence, positivity, and an "I can do anything" attitude. Wow, what a great feeling. Troy is without a doubt the most intuitive person I have ever met. He has a gift to get to the heart of the matter in a most proficient, effective, and caring way. He can see and hear behind your words, your actions, and cut through the disorder and uncertainty. Troy has clearly found his passion, his God-given talent, why he was put on this earth … to help others find their passion. His passion is contagious. When you meet him, you will understand that statement.

I would recommend Troy to anyone who is looking to figure out what they want in their life. He will help you to see that you already have everything you need to find your passion, to meet the goals you want to reach, etc. It is just hidden inside of you, and Troy will help you to find it and succeed. You will find that you can give yourself permission to try new things, be inventive, and be less critical of yourself. It is a shame that so many of us give up before we really even start trying … it is a fear of failure OR is it a fear that you may succeed? You only have one life and if you don't invest in yourself, who will? Troy will make your investment into yourself the largest lottery payout you will ever receive.

If you are considering hiring a life coach, don't hesitate … invest in yourself … find your passion and be happy for the rest of your life. Contact Troy. You will never regret it. I feel deeply honored to have been coached by a man who is living his passion. As Troy has told me several times, "Each One – Teach One – Reach One." And as T. Alan Armstrong states, "If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you, and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you." Troy Rackley truly lives this quote, his passion, every day.

- Michelle Zabella, Administrative Support Assistant, Department of the Air Force Civilian

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Certified Minority Business Enterprise.